Practice Risk Solutions

Tailored Insurance Solutions for CATA Members

Available only to members, the CATA insurance program offers a full range of coverages specifically designed to meet the unique practice risk and needs of athletic therapists.

The CATA program delivers comprehensive and cost effective insurance solutions including:

Legal Support

Legal Support Program for CATA Members

Miller Thomson On Call – Berkley Legal Support Program is a unique service designed for members participating in the CATA Insurance Program.

Miller Thomson provides 24/7 consultation with respect to professional malpractice claims or potential claims and/or investigations or disciplinary actions. Legal experts are moments away with practical and timely assistance on all areas of risk covered by your insurance program.

What are the advantages of calling?

  • Reduce risk of litigation and risk mitigation
  • Identify potential liability issues
  • Protect information gathered and documents generated by investigation from disclosure
  • Determine recommended manner of investigation

Access to dedicated legal counsel through our hotline or dedicated email 

Access to preliminary legal support and telephone support as part of the CATA insurance program 

Urgent Support:
Access to after-hours hotline for urgent legal matters

Miller Thomson On-Call hotline: 1-800-387-4452
Urgent After Hours: 647-281-7091